Sign the Petition to Rocci Catanzarite serving a 113 sentence for a crime he never committed already has been gone for 25 years


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Please sign this petition because an Innocent man my first blood cousin has been wrongfully convicted like so many men/women for crimes they have never committed, our D.A'S are looking for their stars-strips-and pat's on the back.They are satin and not God's chosen especially when the innocent sit and rot away. dying to have a second chance at life.My cousin Rocci Cantanzarite has already served 25 years, of his wasted life.He was offered to take a guilty plea of 10 years he turned it down because he never committed the crime he was charged with, his dump truck Lawyer, never told him if he takes this to trail he could be facing life, low and behold this Judge gave him 113 stretch, this is unjust. Help me to end this and free Rocci Catanzarite he is In Jamestown Ca


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