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Governor of New Mexico Susanna Martinez

Governor Martinez, you have the power to prevent horse slaughter in New Mexico and possibly the United States. At this pivotal moment, we urge you to choose one or all of the following 1-4 actions below AND  no. 5:

1.Enact stricter food safety rules for New Mexico as states are     allowed under the federal Meat safety Inspection Act. This would make horse slaughter for human consumption illegal in New Mexico.

2. Enact Anti-Horse Slaughter legislation for New Mexico. 

3. Work with Chavez County to ban horse slaughter as has been done in Snowhomish County in Oregon.

4. Sign an Executive Order to ban horse slaughter for human consumption in New Mexico.

5. Close the New Mexico/Mexican border to horse slaughter traffic:

Horse slaughter was banned in 2006 and should not be reenacted. If this operation opens in New Mexico it will set a precedent for slaughterhouses to open in other areas of the country. 

This will in turn cause unbelievable suffering for equines and contaminated meat risk for humans due to drug residues;

1. Due to kill buyer dumping/abandonment of rejected horses.

2. Due to inhumane hauling/handling of a flight animal  enroute where their eyes are even poked out to evade their flight reflexes.

3. Due to a flight animal in a slaughter facility where they often rear up and flip over backwards onto others in line in complete terror.

4. Due to ineffective stunning by captive bolt they are butchered alive and conscious, while hanging upside down by one back leg.

5. Where foals cut out of the stomachs are still alive and die an unregulated and nightmarish  death which is unregulated due to the fact that pregnant animals are not supposed to be slaughtered.



Patience O'Dowd

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How this will help

The current court case HSUS et al. v. USDA/FSIS is ongoing. We are all hoping the best...

The current court case HSUS et al. v. USDA/FSIS is ongoing. We are all hoping the best for this case! Still, the horse saving actions requested here are outside the courts and within the purview of Governor Martinez.

There is not a market for horse slaughter in the U.S. because these animals are seen as companion animals, healers, prestigious and iconic animals within our culture. They are not raised as food animals and are subject to over 118 drugs not fit for human consumption. Please support these efforts by signing the petition!

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Governor Martinez,  

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