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Donate $10.00 to Schoep's Legacy Foundation when I lose 10 pounds!

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Inspired by Kristen MCamy from an article in Woman's Day, I decided to lose weight by pledging to give .50 to a charity for each pound I lost and asking other friends to pledge to that charity or a charity of their choosing to help encourage me. I thought what a great idea for me to have accountability and do some good at the same time. The goal I have set for myself is 20 pounds and will start March 18th. It's not much to begin with, but if this works, I might have to "renew" my commitment. I have chosen 4 charities for various reasons. The first is Our House of Portland ( inspired by my friend and fellow Skemer (Stephen King Fan Club) Jonathan Reitan. The second one is Schoep's Legacy Foundation ( inspired by Schoep the dog and his owner John that took Facebook by storm with an inspirational picture showing John helping Schoep swim in the lake to ease his arthritis. The third is the ALS Association ( inspired by another fellow Skemer and awesome author Rocky Wood. The last one is yet to be named since I am waiting on a reply from someone.

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