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NO to 7-km Stairway to the Summit of Mt. Apo

Constructing stairway to the summit of Apo is a serious violation of many laws. The City Council should be reminded that Mt. Apo is an inheritance from our ancestors which we only borrow from our future. Mt. Apo as notable mountain of the country gained a lot of conservation and preservation blanket from the law. The approval of Republic Act no. 9237 established Mount Apo as a protected area under the category of Natural Park.

We strongly condemn the idea of building permanent stairways to the summit of Mt. Apo. We are asking your kind consideration not to consider Majestic Apo and the mountaineering community as milking cows and sacrificial lambs for your own benefits.

If the Kidapawan City's concern is on eco-tourism you should ask and learn from the mountaineers and also from the people within the mountain. Apo Duwaling is considered dwelling place of the Manobo tribe. For them, there are deities residing near the summit. If you will build stairways, you will violate the ancestral means of worship of our brethren and also you will kill the culture of these people.

The local officials of Kidapawan City should think more!


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