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The Ouelessebougou Alliance is currently building several schools in Mali, but needs help raising money to buy books and desks for the students in these new schools.  Your generous donation of any size will help empower young children in the Ouelessebougou region to develop the skills necessary to obtain meaningful employment as they grow older.  Learn more about the Alliance at

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UNICEF estimates that only 19% of adults in Mali can read and write. The Malian government cannot afford to fund education programs in the outlying villages around Ouelessebougou, so the Alliance supports eleven village schools to make education available. Since the inception of an Alliance education program in the mid-1990s, school enrollment has risen dramatically. The level of education proves to have an impact on the quality of health and economic development opportunities in a village.

In Ouelessebougou, 90% of children are unable to attend school. The Ouelessebougou Alliance has formalized an education program in 11 villages—providing quality education for village children who would not otherwise have that opportunity. Teachers are eliminating corporal punishment and are strengthening gender equity and active learning in their classrooms.

Since the inception of Alliance education programs, in the mid-1990's, girls' school enrollment has increased substantially. Girls' enrollment in village schools where the Alliance works is 21% higher than national school enrollment in Mali. 761 girls and 979 boys are attending school this year in the Alliance's 11 elementary schools—a total of 1,740 children!

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