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Please Youth Stand in this Regard......

As we all live in Pakistan which is in the threat of different attacks like suicide attacks, bomb blasts etc.We are also seeing that our politicians are not interested in this regard.We all resident of Pakistan strongly condemn it and we all youth is the strength of Pakistan and we are having the responsibility to recreate it. We could only contribute by telling our parents to choose able leaders which are not available in Pakistan except a few. If our elders do not see someone able to do so they should give their votes but should cancel it by selecting all the signs. It is a duty of every Pakistani resident to give a vote which we should fulfill. Lets join hands with each other to make Pakistan a better place to live and fulfill the dream of Quaid-e-Azam.............I hope you all will play your role and Please forward this message to all those whom you can........  


Syed Abbas

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How this will help

People should sign this petition so that they could play their part being a Pakistani Citizen and a Muslim standing against voilence........

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