Sign the Petition to USDA, Meat industries.....Corporations.


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I watched this video, And it disturbed me, very very much. This video has a block on it so you must be signed in to youtube to view it. As hard as it is to watch, this is what goes on our table. The abuse, the torture, and the horrible things that go on in a meat production USDA inspected meat industries. And something needs to be done. it has to be stopped. This is beyond cruelty. I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but this type of treatment needs to be stopped, and this needs to be looked into. I do not condone any abuse towards animals, and this is the worst I have seen.


Rozlynn Presti De Giovanni

People should sign this because this is what we eat! Tortured stressed out animals sometimes diseased or sick, being slaughtered for us. injected with all types of hormones, and whatever else, hurting us, but making the corporations richer and richer. Sickening. Something has to change with this and it can be done. Its just a matter if people care enough to put an end to all this...

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