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Mr. President,

  It is obviously time to call you, the Vice President, Congress, Senate, Justice, and your Cabinet members back to school to reinforce the importance of what our Constitution has meant for this country over our entire US History.  The lack of concern that has been displayed by both parties in this matter is really making the American public wonder how all of you were so wrongly influenced to the point that you were all stupid enough to try to take away some of our rights that were guaranteed by our Constitution.

I watched you take your inauguration oath on 21 January 2013 when you said you would preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Since you have taken that oath you seemed to have forgotten what that oath meant.  If you are not going to do what you have sworn to do, then you should be impeached for allowing others within our own country to try to dismember our constitution with their wrongful ways of trying to remove the 2nd Amendment. 

You yourself have never served in any Armed Forces uniform so you have no idea what it is like to be risking your life for the defense of our country and its Constitution!  There are many in the government seats there at Washington DC that also are the same as you who have never served in uniform for our country.  You also need to get control of that Vietnamese Sympathizer (John Kerry) who is giving away our country’s Tax Payer’s money to foreign countries like the 450 million dollars to Egypt, 60 million dollars to Syria, and 1.5 million dollars to Libya.  We need to freeze any funding that we have in this country for helping our country only!

  When all of you just arbitrarily sit on your lazy asses and don’t do what is right for our country it is going to make the hard working Americans of our country suffer because you all can’t seem to work together on something to find a peaceful resolution.  It is time to get this country to where we really are the leader in this world instead of just focusing on their childish views in wanting control of the Capital.  Those Republicans can be voted out of Office the next time around and the same goes for any of those others who are working to destroy our country. 

Mr. President, you did take that oath to preserve, protect and defend our Country’s Constitution and you seem to have very little interest in doing so.  That could be an impeachment issue and I’m sure that the Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying his best to make it appear that way so they can regain control of the capital.  Please wake up and follow the oath that you took during your inauguration by preserving, protecting and defending our Constitution!


Jerry F. Hiller Jr.

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If enough people will take the time to sign this; it might make Mr. President, Congress, Senate, Justice, and Cabinet members start doing the right things because they will realize how closely they are being watched.

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