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South Carolina House of Representatives members Kenneth F. Hodges and Nelson L. Hardwick

Companion bills HB 3492 and SB 194, currently introduced in the South Carolina Legislature, would impede the ability of public and private animal shelters and rescue organizations to continue saving the lives of homeless pets. While these bills were proposed under the guise of helping animals, the reality is that their sole aim is drumming up business for veterinarians.

These onerous bills, initiated by the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians, seek to impede shelter and rescue services on multiple fronts. For example, even when unnecessary, the bills would force shelters and rescues to make large expenditures to pay for veterinary staff and/or private veterinary care, which means administrative costs would increase as well. In many cases, they would force adopters to seek private veterinary exams within 72 hours of adoption. The bills even mandate how shelters and rescues may spend certain grant funds. These are just a couple of the directives imposed by these bills. There are many more that would also impact the ability of shelters and rescues to help.

Some of these proposed changes will place a financial hardship on potential adopters of animals and many animals will suffer the loss of a home because of this. Currently 4 million healthy, adoptable animals are killed each year because they do not have homes. To make it more difficult for these animals to find homes is a death sentence for many of them. Legislators do not need to make this any harder than it already is by requiring costly and onerous requirements for shelters and potential adopters of animals. These animals should not be innocent pawns used by one party for their financial gain.

All affected parties, including animal rescue groups, should be heard on this matter of importance and sufficient notice and a public comment period should be available to all parties, with ample time allotted for comments, before any decision is made about the welfare of animals in our state and communities. All residents of South Carolina need to be heard, it's our right! 


Karen McGranahan

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All people who work at shelters and for animal rescue organizations.  We need to stop this now in South Carolina and keep these self-serving bills from being proposed in other parts of the country.


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