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Reduce marine debris in sea turtle habitat!

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Join a Special Volunteer Trip to Participate in Sea Turtle & Marine Debris Research

This special trip partners the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, SEE the WILD, and EcoTeach to connect volunteers with research on the impacts of marine debris to leatherback sea turtle habitat at the Estacion Las Tortugas leatherback nesting beach conservation project in Costa Rica. Join turtle expert Dr. Chris Pincetich and spend 3 nights working with giant leatherback sea turtles and hatchlings at Estacion Las Tortugas, patrolling nesting beaches at night and studying plastic pollution during the day.

Click here for additional information from SEE the WILD, our project partner.

Dates: June 2 - 8 (7 days)

Pricing From: $1,395 USD per person

Included: Includes all in-country transportation, meals, lodging, activities, guides, and a donation to turtle conservation.

Excluded: Airfare to Costa Rica, personal items, and tips for the guides.

Benefiting Organization: This trip is run in partnership with (and benefits) two sea turtle conservation organizations: Sea Turtle Restoration Project (STRP) & Las Tortugas Research Station. STRP will manage the marine debris research and Las Tortugas will manage the leatherback turtle and hatchling work.

Pitch-in to clean litter from your local beach or watershed before it washes into the ocean and contaminates sea turtle habitat. It's easy, and effective! Want to do more? Contact me!


Chris Pincetich, Ph.D.
Outreach & Education Manager
Turtle Island Restoration Network
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