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Dear Government Official,

There has been a recent increase in Police Officers shooting peoples pet dogs. Often, the shooting isn't warranted. These are beloved pets and should not be treated callously. The loss or injury of a pet causes the owner numerous problems. Not only do the owners suffer emotionally, there is a financial cost associated with these shootings. Owners should not be burdened by this. Dogs that survive the shooting can have veterinary bills costing thousands of dollars. Let's also not overlook the surviving pets pain and suffering. Pets that do not survive the shooting have to be dealt with by the owner. The owner must see to the final disposition of their beloved pet. This too can cause a financial burden on the pet owners. These situations are unjust and no one should have to go through this. We firmly believe these shootings can be prevented. We suggest the following:

-Regulations that strictly outline when it is permissible to shoot someones pet. For example, only shoot if the officers life is in imminent danger. Certain criteria must be met for an Officer's life to be in actual imminent danger. A dog barking and growling does not place an officer's life at risk.

-Accountability for Officers that do not follow the regulations. Such as suspensions, fines, dismissal. It would also be foreseeable that the owners could bring a law suit against the Police Officer and/or the Police Department. This could be costly for the Police Officer and/or the Police Department.

-Additional training for Officers on handling situations which involve pets.For example, how to appropriately deal with animals in different circumstances and education on dog/animal behavior. Education on dog/animal behavior is crucial so Officers don't misinterpret a dogs/animals behavior.

We, the undersigned, implore you to take action immediately to prevent any further shootings.


Katie Moore

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On 2/8/13 Ruby's owners were notified that the police were at their property because someone reported one of their 3 dogs was loose and off the property. When Ruby's owners arrived at their...

On 2/8/13 Ruby's owners were notified that the police were at their property because someone reported one of their 3 dogs was loose and off the property. When Ruby's owners arrived at their property they discovered Ruby in her doghouse bleeding from a gun shot wound. Ruby's owners immediately questioned the police officer why he shot her. The officer did not respond with an explanation. The officer became belligerent with Ruby's owners and even threatened to shoot her again.

Ruby DOES NOT have any history of aggression. Ruby's owners have never even seen her growl at anyone. Not even in incredible pain from her gunshot wound. Ruby's vet and the staff at the vet clinic refer to her as "the sweet Rotti". Ruby is a sweet and loving family dog. She loves to cat nap in the kitchen, play in the yard with her fur-siblings, and ride in the front seat of her dads truck on his way to jobs.

Fortunately, Ruby survived being shot. Unlike so many others. Unfortunately, the bullet is lodged in her shoulder. It is yet to be determined if Ruby will undergo surgery to remove the bullet. Sadly, at the time of the shooting Ruby was pregnant. There is an intense amount of concern for the unborn babies and if they will survive the shooting. Ruby should be gaining weight with pregnancy and isn't. She is under observation and it is a waiting game at this point. Please say a prayer for the unborn puppies that they survive without complications.

Ruby's owners want justice for Ruby and other dogs like her. They want police officers to be held accountable for shooting dogs when it is not necessary. They also want to prompt a change in the way police officers are trained to handle dogs. They want police officers to use alternative methods for handling dogs, without shooting them. 

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