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To Justin Trudeau: End B.S.L worldwide

In Ontario and other places of the world we have breed specific legislation  (B.S.L) that targets animals such as "Pitbulls" for the mistakes of our human race. It's time to punish the deed by changing the laws. My dog Rex in the picture was a Pit bull/Lab that lived to 14 years. He was such a loyal friend/pet now that he is gone i am the voice for all. Punish The Deed on Facebook i have 1,070 fans as of 30/5/13 we need to punish the deed and leave these dogs alone... we have an Schnauzer now she is 7 months old an animal is the way you make it.


John Zernikel

How this will help

To change the laws and be a voice for all of the animals who can't talk


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