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Why is Bike & Build running shorter trips? 
There are several reasons why we're offering a shorter trip, but the main one is that we really wanted to give young adults who couldn't take an entire summer off from work a chance to still participate in our program and learn more about affordable housing. In addition, we are incredibly lucky to have such an active base of alumni, without whom we would never have grown to where we are today. So this ride was also created to provide a way for them to stay connected with the organization, and live the Bike & Build life once again (if only for a few days).

How is the Capital Ride different from Bike & Build's typical cross country trips?
For the most part, the Capital Ride will run and feel very much like a typical day on one of the cross country routes. There is still a support van that will carry everyone's gear, you will stop and build along the way, and the days on the bike are yours to do what you please. There are some smaller changes (bike policy, no camping, etc.) that make the short route logistically possible, but otherwise it is very much the same. 

What are the fundraising requirements?
If you sign up for one week only (either the first or second), you must raise $850. If you sign up for both weeks, the minimum is $1,700. To apply to the program, there is a $200 application fee, which does not count towards your fundraising total.

How do cyclists raise the money?
In order to participate in a Bike & Build event, each rider agrees to raise a set minimum in donations to our organization. Cyclists raise this money in a variety of ways, but by far the most popular is a letter writing campaign. We're here to support fundraising efforts and give riders innovative ideas on how to reach - and exceed - the fundraising requirement.

What are the fundraising incentives?
To help encourage our participants to really push their fundraising we're offering incentives based on how much extra you raise.

$50 Extra = Bike & Build water bottles (2).$100 Extra = Choice of Bike & Build cap or socks, plus water bottles.$250 Extra = 2013 B&B jersey, plus bottles and cap or socks.$500 Extra = 2013 B&B bibs or shorts, plus jersey, bottles and cap or socks.

What's the deal with recruiting friends?
It's simple: for every person that signs up for the trip because you told them about it we'll credit your fundraising account $100. For every person they tell we'll credit them $100 and also credit you $50. So if you sign up 2 people (2 @ $100) and they sign up 2 people each (4 @ $50) you just knocked $400 off your minimum fundraising requirement. It's a win-win for everyone: you don't need to sweat the fundraising as much, and we fill spots that may otherwise be empty. Be sure to take advantage of this deal while you can, because it is unlikely that we'll offer it again in the future.

So I get to skip the 2014 lottery?
Thinking about doing a full cross country Bike & Build trip but want to get your feet wet with the Capital Ride first?  Anybody that takes part in the 2013 Capital Ride will be able to skip the lottery for spots on Bike & Build's 2014 cross country routes.

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