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Speech by Peter Newell, Director, Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment of Children. Presented To United Nations Human Rights Council, March 6, 2013. Once you have read it pass it along to FRIENDS! Pledge to read

Corporal punishment

The Children's Rights Information Network (CRIN) update describes the speech as follows:

Corporal punishment is the most common form of violence that children face, a fact raised by Peter Newell in his statement critical of attempts to separate child abuse from corporal punishment. He also criticised the pretence that effective child protection and child health systems can exist while the law authorises hitting, hurting, even injuring children as punishment. In a children's rights focused approach sometimes lacking this week, Mr Newell said, "we don't look for proof that domestic violence against women damages their physical or mental health in order to justify prohibiting it and ending impunity. It would be insulting to women to do so, and it is equally insulting to children to suggest we have to prove harm in order to justify extending to them the legal protection that we as adults take for granted from being deliberately assaulted".



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