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Congress to step in and Stop Obama from being able to touch Military Pay and Benefits

Our Military does not need to worry about having pay or benefits cut, to meet a budget that got out of control by pay increases of Congress and the Senate and bail outs to companies who were fiscally irresponsible and countries we should not be sending money too in the first place..

They barely make enough to live at or slightly above poverty level.. Active duty and Retirees have earned all that they should be receiving for serving their Country, with out fear of someone from our Government putting their hands in it!!

Our service men and women are the last who should ever be seen on a list of cuts. They deserve more than they are getting in return for laying down there lives for us! We need to be the voice that stands up and says NO MORE!!


Elizabeth Barton

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Stop Military cuts to pay and benefits!! They stand up and fight for us and our freedom, lets show how grateful we are to them by STANDING UP FOR THEM!!!


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