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All the motorgangs in the world

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Hello, i'm from Belgium, i'm a retirered Hells Angel (alas), But i've always further admired my ex crew, since then i've been collecting alot of Biker Badges ( which i know is very hard to get, yes i know, we used to didn't give this stuff to strangers, not even to associates, but here i am, and you'd  do me a huge favor cause Dear friends, English is not my first language and I find it hard to understand. "Hello dear friends, I'm a Terminal Hart patient, but is anyone not terminally God's ways has a purpose, i'd like to tell you about my hobby, which is collecting Motorcycle/Clubs all over the world and you can send them to me at the following address: Sipli Rudy(my name) , Spijkstraat 15( my address) 9000 gent Oost vlaanderen(place i live) Belgium(my county, or whats left of it) you would make me very happy and of course I pay the costs.Best friends thanks and god bless you"

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