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For the past 500 years every Pope of the Catholic Church has ignored repeated requests to rescind doctrines which grant the authority to essentially kill, enslave and confiscate the land of Indigenous People who do not accept Catholic religion and remain so called "pagan /heathens" from having other faiths.

With all due respect this is not to say that Catholic's agree with these doctrines, as many do not even know they exist. As Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrims says so clearly, " No one is even alive today that had anything to do with the creation of these Doctrines."

Our collective consciousness has evolved leaps and bounds since the 1400's and can no longer be a vibrational match to injustice. As we move toward this new era, a higher vibrational shift is taking place. We are being called to spiritually rescind our past mistakes.

As we claim justice through acknowledging past wrong doings, we become the change we are seeking in the world and accelerate our evolutional process. Validation is powerful in healing all wounds. Validation changes the course of history.

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