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The Rescue Cookie Campaign was created by Famous Fido Animal Rescue and Adoption Alliance as a means to create dependable funds for the dogs and cats currently being housed at the rescue as well as to created a means for animals in the Chicago open door shelter system (kill shelters) to be seen by the public. Currently a large portion of the animals are kept in back rooms where even those looking to adopt are not able to see them. They waste away in their cold, lonely cages until their time is up. Hundreds of dogs die every week for no reason other then they are just not seen by the public.

But this can all be a thing of the past! The Campaign has a few different parts:

(1) The COOKIES themselves with a box that tells the story of Famous Fido as well as what the dogs go through that are kept at the Open door shelter.

(2) A POSTER that will be hung at every location that sells the cookies featuring dogs up for adoption at local shelters who would not be seen otherwise. 

(3) A POSTCARD that will educate the public on what an open door shelter entails. An awareness tool that will be included in each box, to further communicate the importance of the campaign in the lives of shelter animals in Chicago but also across the nation.

(4) The ADVERTISING AND DISTRIBUTION that is involved in getting the cookies packaged as well as the advertising needed to inform the public that the cookies even exist.

This is a huge campaign that if successful, can save hundreds, maybe even thousands(!), of dogs in Chicago. Please consider donating to this cause. We are a 501C3 non profit that receives zero government funding and subsides only on the kindness and generosity of our volunteers and supporters. This unfortunately is not enough, and these animals who were given a second chance at life deserve more, much more. Thank you so much for your time.

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