Sign the Petition to Dan Bane, CEO of Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's is very secretive about their suppliers and wholesalers.  One thing that isn't secretive about the company is the amount of plastic that they use to package simple things like bananas, peppers, apples and other fruits and vegetables. The plastic packaging found in Trader Joe's stores is non-compostable, non-biodegradable, and represents one of the most infrequently recycled forms of waste. It's estimated that one-third the waste produced in the United States is from packaging.

Large companies like Trader Joe's have the power to change entire distribution and packaging systems. Please sign the petition to encourage their leaders to end the use of plastic packaging for produce. 


Plastic Pollution Coalition

We request that you put an end to needless plastic waste by eliminating the flexible plastic packaging, the cellophane and polystyrene trays that you use to package fruits and vegetables. We are not so sure about your "green" reputation. While packaging produce in plastic may simplify pricing and save you money, tons of unnecessary waste is created though the simple practice of selling fruits and vegetables.  We encourage you to Think Beyond Plastic and sell your produce in loose bins instead of pre-packaging it in single-use plastic. 


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