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Survivors Society of America is prepared to combat "WANTED SEXUAL PREDATORS" and sex crime statisics. Megan's Law, Jessica's Law and The Adam Walsh Act have  all been ineffective in the prevention of sexual assaults. Sex offenders continue to reoffend, fail to register and are a direct threat to all commuities across this country. With your support this social nightmare can effectively be battled and won. These objectives can be accomplished by bringing awareness to the problem via a reality television program depicting the locating and apprehension of "wanted sexual predators", using that platform to educate our youth, providing parents with the knowledge and the tools to better protect their children. A reality show that will be instrumental in bringing sex offenders to justice and ensuring public safety. The show could best be described as a cross between "America's Most Wanted", "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "Cheaters". Your support will also be utilized to open up our first thrift store. We would like apprehension teams in every state across America, with the thrift stores supporting the efforts of each operation. My name is Michael D. Ambler, Founder of Survivors Society of America, I am compelled and committed to this cause and respectfully request your support to this very important social issue. I was sexually assaulted as child and know the impact such trauma has on a victim and society as a whole. Join me in this fight against sexual predators and in the prevention of the victmization of all Americans.

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