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Not Support the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter - I Won't Buy a Ticket to a Dolphin Show!

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I wish I could say that we made more progress this year in shutting down the dolphin hunts, but the slaughter just went on and on. Many families were torn apart or destroyed; individual personalities, cultural traditions, and relationships were snuffed out - all in the name of making a few yen. 

Photo Courtesy Terran Baylor

The number of dolphins killed last season was probably around 800 - 840 (there are several different estimates - it's hard to be certain). This season, the estimates are slightly below 900.

Also, an unprecedented number of dolphins were taken for captivity, estimated at a whopping 247 individuals. We are not sure what this means, although we do know there are a lot of aquariums seeking new dolphins in China, Japan, and the Middle East. 

Photo Courtesy Terran Baylor

This is why it is so important that people begin to see the global captivity industry for what it is - an industry that profits off of slavery, murder and tearing families apart - and to not support it in any way. 

On a positive note, a number of Japanese activists became involved in this issue, joining me and our Save Japan Dolphins team in Taiji, while activists organized two successful demonstrations in Tokyo against whaling and the dolphin hunts. 

Tokyo Rally. Photo Courtesy Yoav Ben Shushan

Throughout the season, our Cove Monitors were in Taiji bringing you real-time updates and details about the hunts. And our strategy of avoiding confrontations and instead working with the people of Japan is having a farther reach than ever. 

This was never going to be an easy effort. But this is the time when we need to campaign even harder. It is completely unnacceptable that even one dolphin should meet it's demise at the hands of a Taiji hunter, never mind 900. 

Take a moment and take our pledge not to buy a ticket to a dolphin show, and stay tuned for updates. 

I'm in this until we shut down the Taiji hunts once and for all. I hope you all stick with me - we can do this! 

Ric O'Barry

Campaign Manager

Save Japan Dolphins

Dolphin Project

Earth Island Institute 


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