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Sponsors of Clean Energy Urban Development & Crisis Management


TOUR DATES DETROIT: 7/31 to 8/4, PITTBURGH: 8/5 to 8/8, NEW YORK: 8/9 to 8/14, ATLANTA: 8/15 to 8/22

All over American Urban Community Organizations needs are growing and grants are shrinking. Electric Bills, Lack of Vocational Training staff, free programs and much more is needed. A coalition of Green Community Organizations has created a free "suitcase" program that any organization can implement right way. Including programs for Health & Wellness, Community Gardens Renewable Energy Education and Clean Technology Vocational Training, this includes free turn-key permaculture and Clean Energy curriculum . It's organized so that even someone who knows nothing about any of these subjects can start to deliver it immediately  The program also offers support in delivering the program virtually and have access to US Clean Technology job placement agencies.

REAL Examples of need: A birthing clinic in America where the Electrical grid is faulty and the short term power outages are weekly! - A free clinic in Los Angeles that can barely afford their electric bill. - A 30 year old vocational training center in Chicago, closing due to lack of funds to re-train electricians back into the workforce.

We have created a TOUR to implement programs in Los Angeles, Oakland, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and New York this SUMMER 2013, at local community organizations. the TOUR will feature HIP HOP GREEN DINNERS featuring community leaders, celebrities and SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY & CAREER DAY CLINIC at a local organization, as well as an installation of a Solar & Wind Generator. This will have a GREAT impact on momentum of urban renewal using Sustainable Technologies. (see below for breakdown of TOUR PARTNERS)

Our GREEN PANTHERS Youth group will be leading the way by showing their counterparts in other cities programs they have including music!

We want to leave 20 250 Watt Solar Panels, Turbine and Bio Diesel Generator in every cities Community Organization!

This also enables more Americans to have Community Emergency Response Electricity which is crucial during disasters.  But let's face it.  Urban America is facing an "crisis" type scenario even without Mother Nature.

We are all Volunteers working around the clock to implement these programs.  Sometimes we need to spend more time in our own backyard, even though the need may seem greater abroad.  We  do this everyday with great success in a few cities, L.A. especially.  

This is not reserved for just energy, we are a group of non-profits dedicated to enhancing Health and Wellness for everyone.  We also create Community Gardens and teach how to live more sustainably.

Here are the head orgs for programs and implementation.

TOUR SITE:  (Programs Head)   Youth Program

Our donation page is on:


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To support this and other efforts in much needed areas.  Community Organizations are closing their doors due to lack of funding and free programs.  These are Orgs that are run by the Community...

To support this and other efforts in much needed areas.  Community Organizations are closing their doors due to lack of funding and free programs.  These are Orgs that are run by the Community members themselves.  Believe they can do it! Don't underestimate the power of a community coming together.


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