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Promote respect of peoples different religious & cultural beliefs!

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I am tired of people cramming their beliefs down others throats..."it's my way or get out"!!  I have family in the Military and who have retired from it. What everyone forgets is that our country is a country with choices.  Freedom of Religion is one of those choices.  If you want to "Pray to God" IN school, then send your children to a Christian or Catholic school or other.  Public schools should represent the "general public" and it's beliefs!  Have a "holiday party" but celebrate that people believe differently and love them for who they are not despite it.  Stop the hate, stop thinking of JUST yourself, and your beliefs...everyone has feelings, why should yours count for more?  I know there are groups that persecute and kill groups of people because of their sex or beliefs or just wanting the basic human rights that everyone should have... BUT WE HAVE GOT TO START SOMEWHERE!!!!  If we all take each other more seriously and respect others feelings and beliefs, we can ALL, together, STOP the killing and persecution for hateful reasons and all be more at peace!  It has to start in our homes with how we act and how we teach our children and we have to teach them by example!!  Are you with me or are you going to sit by a let it all just keep happening and not start with just one could be as simple as asking someone how their holiday was...after all isn't it supposed to be about family and health and "the wealth of love"??

So today, I hold that door open for that stranger coming in or out behind me.  Today I smile at a stranger walking by...after all I could unknowingly change someone's day...or not...but wouldn't it be great if I could?

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