Sign the Petition to All people who are against the destruction of historical sacred sites of Islam. To the UN to protect these sites by making them World Heritage Sites.


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For over the last 100 years, sites of historical Islamic importance have been systematically destroyed by extremist hate-mongering Kharijis at an alarming rate. From the graves of pious loved predecessors of the Muslims in Jannat-ul-Baqi, Madinah and Makkah, to old historic masajid (mosques) in Arabia, Syria, Iraq and other places, most if not all have been destroyed deliberately. But this story of destruction goes even further – the Ka'aba has been destroyed and attacked many times over the centuries by such destructive disrespectful forces. That same mentality pervades in extremist elements today, where plans are now in place to separate the Prophet (saww)'s grave from his masjid (mosque) in Madinah.

The irony is that these acts of destruction are not done by non-Muslims but by extremists funded by the Saudi regime, under the banner of Islam! It uses the rhetoric of "bida'a" (innovation) by beguiling those easily led to believe that it is protecting Islam from corruption. By hoisting the slogan of 'Allahu Akbar' under this fraudulent cover it is systematically killing our Islamic past. Eventually, all that will be left will be its palaces made from sand, which one day will sink into its own mire of destruction. Are you prepared to let them take Islam down with them? If not, then join us, sign this petition and raise your voice that this must stop.


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