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All people who are against the destruction of historical sacred sites of Islam. To the UN to protect these sites by making them World Heritage Sites.

There is a sinister conspiracy to wipe out the rich history and historic proof of True Islam. These sites symbolise what happened in the nascent years of Islam, in the following centuries when it flourished under the guidance of the Imams (as) and also the struggles of True Islam. These sites are a commentary on our past, and embody historic changes that have taken place, both positive and negative. They document how falsehood and treachery were defeated. Destroying these sites is a systematic assault to create a new false history in the name of Islam, putting forward a new selfish agenda of rule and tyranny, in an attempt to project a very dreadful picture of Islam with false stories.

Why do we say this? What proof do we base such claims on?  The proofs are listed below of sites in Makkah and Madinah alone that have been destroyed so far by the Saudi wahabis:

1) Al-Mualla graveyard in Makkah which includes the grave of Lady Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (sa), the wife of the Prophet (saww), 

2)  the grave of Amina bint Wahab (sa), mother of the Prophet (saww), the grave of Abu Talib, father of Imam Ali (as), and the grave of Abdul Muttalib, grandfather of the Prophet (saww). 

3)  The grave of Hawa (sa) (Eve) in Jeddah. 

4)  The grave of the father (as)  of Prophet Muhammad (saww) in Madinah. 

5)  The house of sorrows (Bayt al-Ahzaan) of Sayyida Fatima Zahra (sa) in Madinah. 

6) The Salman al-Farsi (ra) masjid in Madinah. 

7) The Raj'at ash-Shams masjid in Madinah. 

8) The house of the Prophet Muhammad (saww) in Madinah, where he lived after migrating from Makkah. 

9)  The house of Imam Ja'far bin Muhammad (as) in Madinah. 

10)  The complex (mahhalla) of Banu Hashim in Madinah. 

11)  The house of Imam Ali (as) where Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Hussain (as) were born.

12) The house of Hazrat Hamza (as) and the graves of the martyrs of Uhud (as).

We cannot allow this! This is sacrilegious! The wahabis are making the claim that they are destroying ‘shia’ masajid that distort Islam. How can historical masajid be described as 'shia' and destroyed, with the flags / alams representing the Ahlul Bayt (as) being burned, trampled on, under chants of 'Allahu Akbar'?  This terror, destruction, vandalism, obliteration of our history, must be stopped!

This is NOT a Sunni-Shia issue, do not be fooled by those who tell you it is: this is about the Saudi regime (backed by imperial economic powers who seek to dismantle the power of Islam) seeking to destroy the very fabric and foundation of Islamic history. Do not be convinced that the Saudis are interested in the preservation of the Deen: watch the video attached, see how they destroy mosques, and ask yourself, could you do that chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’?

Do you think Allah is on the side of one who destroys a place of worship? The Qur’an states:

…if Allah had not driven some people back by means of others, monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques, where Allah‘s name is mentioned much, would have been pulled down and destroyed. Allah will certainly help those who help Him—Allah is All-Strong, Almighty’ (Al-Hajj 22: 40). A Muslim must respect and protect the holy places where the People of the Book worship God, and protect them. In fact the Prophet (saww) was extremely careful not to destroy the holy places of the People of the Book. Such destruction means, in the first place, opposing God‘s commands. This aside, it means preventing people who have faith in God worshipping Him. Indeed, the Prophet Muhammad promised the Christians, who were the other party to a peace agreement he made, that their churches would not be destroyed and that they would never be harmed. The tax (Jizyah) agreements he made with Christians also guaranteed the safety of churches.

 Lady Khadijah (sa’s) house has been destroyed and toilet blocks have been erected in its place. This is not coincidence: it is a deliberate provocative act of hate.

Our future depends on us preserving our past. Let us not fall victim to this destruction. Look how preciously other communities – Christians, Jews – guard their heritage. By comparison, look at what a destructive force from within Muslims is doing to our heritage!! It is criminal!

These minority extremist elements have existed in our midst since the beginning of Islam. Sadly, although minority, they have been effective in their destructive uncivilised agenda by gaining power. Let us look, by way of example of this, at how the Ka’aba has been treated by extremist corrupt Muslim rulers. Everybody knows that for Muslims, the Ka’aba is a ‘haram’, that is, a sacred inviolable cube construction, the first house of worship of God established on earth by Adam (as), later rebuilt by the prophets Ibrahim and Ismail (as). Centuries later, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) participated in its reconstruction after flash floods. But after his death (saww), his grandson Imam Hussain (as) was martyred in 680 CE by the usurper Yazeed ibn Muawiya who was from the very Umayyad dynasty that was a forerunner to the present-day wahabis: Yazid sent a large military contingent to Madinah which destroyed the masjid of the Prophet, raped the women for days, proceeded to Makkah and demolished the four walls of the Ka’aba killing thousands of Muslims who protested. Yazid died within days and the Ka’aba was rebuilt by Abdullah Ibn Zubayr and his associates:  but the Umayyad forces came back to Makkah and killed him, hanging his body on the gates of the Ka’aba for three months for all to see the Umawi power. Eventually the Ka’aba was refurbished and pilgrims began to arrive in safety to perform Hajj. However in 693, the tyrant al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf, with the permission of the caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan, demolished the additions made by Abdullah ibn Zubayr, bombarding the Ka’aba with stones.

In 929 CE the Qarmatians stole the black stone, only returning it years later in 952. The Ka’aba then remained safe until floods in 1629. However, once again, extremist ideology destroyed it in 1981 when the Wahabis brought tanks inside the Ka’aba to crush the Kahtani revolution against the Saudi regime and almost demolished the South Eastern Wall. This was later restored with the help of the Makkan people.

This is the history of the Ka’aba, the most sacred masjid and land for Muslims, and yet most Muslims are oblivious to these continuous attacks!

The wahabis have declared all these acts which remind us of death and connect us to those we follow, as innovative, and yet it is their brand of Islam which is innovative.  It is their hatred for the Ahlul Bayt (as) that has spurred them on to attacking Karbala, and Najaf, under the slogan ‘kill the polytheists’. And yet the Muslim ummah is silent!

We Shias, Sunnis, Muslims, non-Muslims, all stand united against the destruction of historic sites. We ask all Sunnis to denounce these fringe elements as being outside Sunni Islam. Please sign this petition and stand shoulder to shoulder with us. There is no room for destruction, barbarism, vandalism and violence in a civilised world. We object!

We petition the governments that support this to withdraw their support, to pledge their support to the Prophet (saww) and not to the hypocrites using the name of Islam. We petition the UN to declare these sites as sites of international heritage and to secure their safety. 


Kaneez Fatima

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For over the last 100 years, sites of historical Islamic importance have been systematically destroyed by extremist hate-mongering Kharijis at an alarming rate. From the graves of pious loved...

For over the last 100 years, sites of historical Islamic importance have been systematically destroyed by extremist hate-mongering Kharijis at an alarming rate. From the graves of pious loved predecessors of the Muslims in Jannat-ul-Baqi, Madinah and Makkah, to old historic masajid (mosques) in Arabia, Syria, Iraq and other places, most if not all have been destroyed deliberately. But this story of destruction goes even further – the Ka'aba has been destroyed and attacked many times over the centuries by such destructive disrespectful forces. That same mentality pervades in extremist elements today, where plans are now in place to separate the Prophet (saww)'s grave from his masjid (mosque) in Madinah.

The irony is that these acts of destruction are not done by non-Muslims but by extremists funded by the Saudi regime, under the banner of Islam! It uses the rhetoric of "bida'a" (innovation) by beguiling those easily led to believe that it is protecting Islam from corruption. By hoisting the slogan of 'Allahu Akbar' under this fraudulent cover it is systematically killing our Islamic past. Eventually, all that will be left will be its palaces made from sand, which one day will sink into its own mire of destruction. Are you prepared to let them take Islam down with them? If not, then join us, sign this petition and raise your voice that this must stop.


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