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This is a shout out to all dog lovers: Those of you that know me know i work for a guard dog company and yes sometimes our dogs get out due to bad weather, break ins etc, They all wear dangerous dog collars which im sure most of you wouldnt even know what they look like as the councils refuse to inform the public obout these collars for reasons unknown. On Sunday 3rd of march this year on of our dogs (named Tyson) got out due to the site he was in someone cut the fence and let him out. He made his way to bunnings at munno para where of course there were alot of people which would have freaked him or any other dog out. He was approched by a few ppl that either tried to pat him or hold him im not excactly sure and hes bitten them, (not attacked) just bitten like saying leave me alone as he would have been scared and not sure what was going on. Now the PLAYFORD COUNCIL have him and want to put him down in about 7 days time unless we try to fight it. This is where i need your help. I want to put as much pressure as possible on the council to stop them from putting tyson down. Hes not aggressive and dangerous like they are saying, he just dosnt like to be grabbed by strangers. Hes a great dog and does his job well, we even have some clients that ask for him only. Please if you can find it in your hearts to write a letter and send it into the council to stop this senseless kill i would be forever in your debt. Thank you


Julie Horn

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This dog does not deseve to die


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