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Most Americans don't know that Costa Rica is now the hub of child prostitution for the Western Hemisphere! The boom in tourism in the last 20 years, along with legalized prostitution has fueled the demand for child prostitues - sex trafficked children. These are innocent lives being raped everyday, without choice and without a voice. There currently is not a single home for these children to go to if they are rescued out of this hellish life, but Salvando Corazones is working to change that. They are opening the first ever rescue home in Costa Rica for sex trafficked children. This is a difficult process and they are in dire need of funds to keep the doors open once they bring in several girls this spring.  A news article was just published on the organization in the Huffington Post which provides more background on the problem in Costa Rica

Please check out the website and GIVE to help save and restore these innocent lives! 


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