Pledge to Use My Voice!!, My Civil Rights!! and the Legal System To Support My Cause!!!

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This is 2013 and Disrimination is alive and well and it happened to me at Neiman Marcus Dept.Store, North Park Mall, Dallas TX. My Story is probally like others who walked in my shoes. I was Completely and Utterly Ignored Nov-21-2012, the day before Thanksgiving Day. While I had been in the Epicure Dept for about 8-10 min and no one came to my aid or asked if I needed any assistance. A older white lady came over and within 60sec she was asked if she needed Help!!! I was Shocked!!! but I thought the sales lady would then turn and asked me, if I needed any Help. I was standing maybe   two feet away, so I know she seen me but she just turned and walked away, never asking if I needed any "HELP"!!! I was "SHOCKED" & OUTRAGED  She left me alone again in the dept. I tried to wrap my brain on why she didn't ask me!!!, if I needed any service!!! My money is just as green as the next person but the only thing I thought standing there with some chocolate mints for Lisa, in my hands was that!!!, I'm Invisble and my Worth is not as Worthy as Some!!!. I wondered!!! "Why did Martin Luther King"?, lose his life for!!!! "Ohh"!! He wanted Civil Rights, Human Rights, Equal Rights for "All" to be Seen and Heard "THAT'S IT"!!!

 I need all who care about Civil Rights & Human Rights Pledge and help Shine a Spot Light on "DISCRIMINATION"!!!!! PLEASE HELP NOW!!! 


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