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Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom and Senate Judiciary Committee

Politicians obviously do not understand patient medical conditions from patients’ and medical doctors’ position when they propose a damaging law such as Senate Bill 75 (SB75).  Everyone would agree that it is a rare person that comes to our office for narcotics for addiction and when they do, we identify them and discharge them from our office.

So, what are we taking about?  Well, we see patient after patient, day after day, with chronic conditions, multiple failed operations to relieve pain, disabled, elderly, cancer sufferers, on and on, all upset that they have to jump through hoops because of a few bad apples. These patients are dependent on their medication to live functional lives, not addicted. Their pain is real and crippling if untreated.

Tick Segerblom, does not understand the medical importance of chronic pain treatment. You think it is easy to get drugs! You are mistaken. You can only get one narcotic prescription a month. You cannot go back early for a refill. You cannot go to different pharmacies or other doctors without having your name flagged by the DEA and the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy with letters sent to all providers identifying these patients. You have to have your urine tested randomly in the office, usually every 3 months. Many doctors have the patients sign a narcotic contract outlining their duties as a patient with chronic pain. For example, Walgreens wants you to fill out a 9 question form with the why, when, and what. Email your distaste for HIS proposed law at 

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Private insurers commonly send a listing of patients explaining who is taking narcotics, so we know the insurance companies track the patients as well.  There are plenty of safeguards in place right now. Doctors and addicts are being prosecuted all the time.  With the introduction of SB75, Patients and Doctors will become the victims of frivolous lawsuits and ultimately doctors will choose not to treat pain.  From this silly bill, (See highlights below), doctors will refuse to help patients in pain in order to keep their practice out of the court room.

Section 1. Chapter 41 of NRS is hereby amended by adding thereto a new section to read as follows:

1. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person who suffers injuries as a result of an addiction to a prescription drug may bring and maintain an action for damages against:

(a) The manufacturer of the prescription drug.

(b) The provider of medical care who prescribed the prescription drug, if the provider of medical care knew or should have known of the person’s addiction to the prescription drug.

2. A person who prevails in an action brought pursuant to this section may recover his or her actual damages, including, without limitation, any costs associated with rehabilitation for the addiction, attorney’s fees and costs and any punitive damages that the facts may warrant.

3. As used in this section:

(a) “Prescription drug” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 453.3628.(b) “Provider of medical care” means a physician, dentist or any other person licensed to lawfully prescribe a prescription drug.

The good Doctors in Nevada are overwhelmed with bureaucracy already and do not need any more lawyers trying to sue them.


Brian Kaskie

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By signing this page, you are agreeing that SB75 should be DELETED from the Nevada State Legislature agenda.  Furthermore, primary care doctors summarize it well; that it will not be our actual...

By signing this page, you are agreeing that SB75 should be DELETED from the Nevada State Legislature agenda.  Furthermore, primary care doctors summarize it well; that it will not be our actual patient that will bring this lawsuit but disgruntled/greedy/guilt-ridden family members and lawyers that will do so. The result of this proposed law would be that primary care doctors (the ones who write most pain, ADDHD and anti-anxiety conditions) will be extremely reluctant to provide these medications to their patients for fear of reprisals later on.

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