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On April 22nd, Earth Day will be celebrated by more than 192 countries worldwide, inspiring individuals and organizations to make a lasting and positive impact on the environment. In honor of Earth Day, Dell invites people to join them in taking action for the planet by pledging to make one small change to their daily routines that will save energy, reduce waste, and cut carbon emissions.

How will you take action for the planet? You've probably already taken some steps to be environmentally conscious. Is there something new you could do? Maybe unplugging "vampire appliances" that suck energy even when not on; saying no to the bag next time you buy something; or finally recycling those old ink or toner cartridges? These are just three ideas – we're sure you can come up with even more creative ways to make your pledge your own.

To do its part, Dell is making products and facilities more energy efficient,using sustainable and renewable materials like bamboo for packaging, and ensuring it's easy for you to recycle your old electronics at the end of their life. From design to recycling and everything in between, Dell considers the environment at every step of their products' lifecycle.

Tree planting is a great way to extend the benefits of environmental actions. For every person who takes the Earth Day pledge to reduce their own footprint, Dell will plant a tree. These trees provide habitat for endangered animals and buffer against downstream flooding, as well as absorbing greenhouse gases as they grow. So, whatever way you choose to go green this Earth Day, know that all of our pledges are growing a healthier planet.


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