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Message CATFISH via the form link provided.

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How this will help

The MTV Show Catfish (on internet fakes/relationships) is a great opportunity for us to get the word out about Disability Trolls/Predators on Facebook.

We just need to get their attention in order to show them how widespread the problem is on Facebook and other social media.

The more messages we send them, the more they will listen. We want them to investigate and publicize the issue.

You don't need to be on the show, you just MESSAGE them about the problem via this contact form:


It only takes a few minutes.

If they contact you, please message me via [email protected]

If we all spend a few moments, we can make this work.

Please fill out the FORM ASAP.

I appreciate everyone's help.



I am the founder of the self-defense non-profit NOT-ME!

There are a large number of predatory men that have a sexual fetish for female amputees and wheelchair users on Facebook and other social media.

They create fake online profiles of women with disabilities in order to deceptively contact and befriend these women.

They are attempting to engage the targeted women with spinal cord injury into private discussions about their sexual function and toileting routines.

They target the women with amputations to discuss all things related to their amputation.

They try to get the women to send them pictures of themselves and/or affected body parts. They upload these photos to Disability Porn sites.

These men are serial predators. They online stalk their victims. Sometimes, they will also stalk their victims in person.

I think your show is a great opportunity to let the public and people with disabilities know about this issue.

Please contact me via [email protected]


Erik Kondo


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