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Ambassador Mr. Chen Yuming, Chinese embassy, 15 Coronation Drive, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Canberra Australia

Your excellency Mr. Chen Yuming, 
This petition has been disseminated world wide to educate of the grave injustices many animals face in China, and gain support for animal rights. Dogs, cats and various other animals, many of whom have families (as evidenced by their collars) are being abducted and thrown into tiny cages. They are tortured horrendously to force their submission and extract their fur, after which their bodies are discarded. Animals do not deserve to suffer like this, and that it is for a nothing but a status symbol - their fur - only adds insult to many, many injuries.
We respect the republic of China and Chinese-Australian relations but alas we cannot stand for this cruelty. 
We beseech you to stand with us, and hope you may utilise your authority and reputation to help the voiceless. Please help us to criminalise these barbaric fur farms. 

Thank you.

(Will be revised for clarity before sending)


Katherine Hellsten

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How this will help

We implore the Chinese government to amend their fur industry regulations to protect animal welfare, to shut down these abusive fur-farms and prosecute those involved. A background is shown below,...

We implore the Chinese government to amend their fur industry regulations to protect animal welfare, to shut down these abusive fur-farms and prosecute those involved. A background is shown below, but please also read the following information on the contentions and deception surrounding the issue at hand. [[ PLEASE NOTE: Some of the information disseminated on this issue, particularly footage on dogs being skinned alive is likely to have been FUNDED and PERPETRATED by extremist activists, themselves, in order to further their agenda. Such egregious acts interfere with our ability to assign blame where blame is due and actually reduces the perceived credibility of these animals' very real suffering (by both the fur industry AND some animal rights activists).I do my best to source from organisations and new sites of varying opinions and objectivity levels (i.e., we must note and distinguish between what reported is an opinion, what is fact, and what is an opinion disguised as fact). But it is not always easy to discern this at face value, so please take note when reading these, and all information on the topic. See: Welfare defined, and a compared with Animal Rights: is surely a vice when it extends to the torture and death of millions of sentient animals. And for what? A status symbol - their fur.         In China, dogs, cats, rabbits - countless mammals - are abducted and thrown into tiny cages.          They are kicked, beaten, stabbed and tortured in any way that forces submission. Their last minutes know nothing but unbearable agony, and fear. Thereafter it is only a matter of time until they join their predecessors in anonymous, untimely death.                 This is mankind at its most iniquitous, its most ruthless. Perpetrators of such crimes have no sympathy or humanity. If their greed knows no boundaries then I say we build some, because these people are not human; they are less human than the animals they slaughter, and they belong behind bars. It IS probably inevitable that the People's Republic of China will eventually have to criminalise the use of cruel and abusive treatment in fur-farms, and to better regulate animal-welfare laws with regard to animal-capture and fur-procurement prior to distribution.        The increase in promulgation of such injustices and resulting outrage is definitely on our side, there. But we are not willing to just 'wait and see'. We CARE about what is happening to these poor animals and wish to hasten the onset of animal -welfare laws and enforcement by spreading the word and demanding change. This petition may not make a huge difference, but it will supplement the growing support for animal welfare world-wide, and further cajole China into paying attention. Cruelty towards animals is a common early symptom of Antisocial Personality Disorder (DSM-IV; Glayzer et al., 2002), and Psychopathy (Hare's Checklist for Psychopathy - Revised), and can often escalate to violence against humans. Such behaviour should never be ignored. NO PREJUDICE OR RACIST GENERALISATIONS, PLEASE. I understand this issue incites a lot of tempestuous emotions, as it should, but please no racism or any other prejudice on this page. Just because this is happening in China, and many of us find their animal welfare policies lacking (to say the least), it can't be inferred that all people in China do not care about animals and wouldn't feel outraged at their treatment. Racism only pollutes and detracts from our message.Thank you for reading <3 "If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man." - Mark Twain 


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