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Having considered the following:

WHEREAS on or about February 9th, 2013, approximately 200 armed militants from southern Philippines invaded and occupied sovereign land in the state of Sabah, Malaysia, without resistance from Malaysian forces; 

WHEREAS the invading forces, being armed with military arms and artillery, having killed several Malaysians during the occupation, have unambiguously declared their intention to claim the state of Sabah by force;

WHEREAS the invading forces refuse to surrender, despite three (3) weeks of inaction and amnesty by Malaysian forces; 

WHEREAS the invading forces continue to occupy Sabah, while additional invading forces continue to land and occupy additional positions in Sabah since the initial incursion; 

WE THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA hereby demand that the elected Malaysian Parliament, the Cabinet, and its relevant Ministries:

1. Take immediate action to end the ongoing military invasion of Malaysia by foreign forces. 

2. Transfer operational command of the situation from the Malaysian Police to the Malaysian Armed Forces, until the ongoing threat is neutralized. 

3. Secure all coastal borders and sea lanes to Sabah by naval blockade. 


WHEREAS the borders of Malaysia were trespassed, and continue to be trespassed, by foreign militants without let or hindrance;

WHEREAS the Ministry of Defence, having spent hundreds of billions of dollars on advanced weaponry, technology, and training; 

WHEREAS the Government, its Ministries and Agencies, have only provided sparse, ambiguous, and inaccurate information on the invasion;

WHEREAS the Government has decided not to act on the invaders, instead opting to consider and negotiate their demands for the surrender of the state of Sabah; 

WHEREAS Government officials had declared that the interests of the foreign invaders, along with 800,000 of their kin currently residing in Sabah, outweigh the security and interests of genuine Citizens of Malaysia; 

WHEREAS the invaders, armed with military arms ranging from assault rifles to grenades and mortar launchers, have killed several Malaysians during the occupation; 

WHEREAS the ongoing invasion continues to be managed as an internal affair by the Malaysian Police;

WE THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA further demand that the Cabinet of Malaysia and its relevant Ministries formally explain via every avenue:

1. Why the invaders were allowed to trespass and invade Malaysia unhindered and undetected.

2. Why our security forces continue to take no action against the invaders.

3. Why are the invaders being treated in an extremely tolerant and cordial manner, whilst our own citizens are detained, assaulted, and even executed for far lesser crimes. 

3. Why the invasion is being managed by the Malaysian Police, and not the Malaysian Armed Forces.

4. Why the surrender of Sabah to the invading forces is something that is open to negotiation.  

By the will and authority of the MALAYSIAN PEOPLE, you the elected Parliament of Malaysia and its Cabinet of Ministers shall carry out these duties with UTMOST URGENCY, for the sake of our Nation's security, sovereignty, and integrity. 


Jason Nicholas

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The state of Sabah, Malaysia has been under siege by a foreign army for 3 weeks and counting. Several Malaysians have already been killed, and yet the Malaysian Govt has done nothing to repel the...

The state of Sabah, Malaysia has been under siege by a foreign army for 3 weeks and counting. Several Malaysians have already been killed, and yet the Malaysian Govt has done nothing to repel the invaders, calling it an 'internal matter' and actually negotiated the surrender of Sabah. 

Join your fellow citizens in demanding that the Govt put a stop to the ongoing invasion, and explain its incompetence and treachery. 

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