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Drinking Straw Manufacturers

We've all ordered a drink from a restaurant and received a paper-covered straw. Most times, that paper-covered straw is too flimsy to break through its delicate sheath. You attempt to deliver the straw from its fragile paper, and you end up with a plastic piece of trash that's split and broken in 2-3+ places, worthless of doing its job of transporting that delicious liquid from the to-go cup to your awaiting taste buds. It's barbaric. We, as Americans, deserve stronger, more stable straws. If you sign this petition, we will be well on our way to a stronger America, even if that just means our straws.


Kayla N Dave

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How this will help

Because no one enjoys or appreciates a bum straw that could have been avoided, had the manufacturer taken the time to do it right the first time. We're losing drinking/enjoying time, thanks to them.

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