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Michigan State Government

Governor Snyder spoke in his State of the State Address that he wanted to raise gas tax by over 30% and registration tax by over $100 per vehicle! If you have two vehicles that is $200 a year extra the government is getting. Governor Snyder said in his address that "Driving is a privilege and not a necessity." 

He also said that "by raising the gas tax it will fix our roads, and if you drive you should be paying for the roads to be replaced."

How can someone who is hardly making ends meet pay these extra charges? We are already paying almost $4 a gallon for gas. I know for some states that is the normal, but in Michigan that is very high. Poor people in Michigan can not afford these extra taxes, and they need to be stopped.

Please help by signing this petition so I can take it up to Governor Snyder's office myself on March 28, 2013. I want to show him that Michigan cannot afford his idea of fixing roads! Thank you!


Lynn Fronsee

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How this will help

Because it will show Governor Snyder that there are poor people out there that cannot afford his way of fixing our roads!


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