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Stop eating Bluefin Tuna.

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TRUTH: The Bluefin Tuna population has dropped by 96% since we have begun fishing it (PDF Report of assessment on this page). It is now endangered. We need to change our habits and you need to stop eating it.

"bluefin stocks, especially of large, breeding-age fish, have plummeted, and international conservation efforts have led to curbs on commercial takes. Nevertheless, at least one group says illegal fishing in Europe has pushed the Atlantic bluefin populations there to the brink of extinction." (National Geographic)

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What is Currently Remaining of this Species:

Blue Fin Tuna stock assessment report from December 2012: - "the Pacific bluefin tuna population has declined by 96.4% since we began fishing it decades ago. 96.4%. No wonder that bluefin sold in Tokyo was so valuable. There may not be many fish left in the sea." (Time,

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Why they matter:

"Although tuna do provide food and livelihoods for people, they are more than just seafood. Tuna are a top predator in the marine food chain, maintaining a balance in the ocean environment." (WWF,

Alternative Choices:

Yes, I (author of understand this. I went from eating meat 2 years ago to being a vegetarian and mostly eating vegan meals. But this is only one meat you have to give up. I'm not saying give up fish, give up meat- But I am saying give up 1 specific meat. One. To make this easier, SeaChoices has put out an alternative's list for you which shows the bad, endangered fish and an alternative to the specific species. Click to see the list here! For Bluefin Tuna, they recommend you instead eat BC Albacore Tuna or US Yellowfin Tuna.

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