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This year, in the summer of 2013, the Global Grizzlies will leave for international service volunteering in Gerkhu, Nepal. Ten University of Montana students majoring in pre-health sciences will live with host families and work with Working Abroad and Experience Himalayan Nepal to provide medical assistance in health clinics. The group will also take part in EHN-Nepal's newest project: building medical outposts deep into the Himalayas. The experience will immerse the students in Nepali culture and open their eyes to problems a developing country faces on a daily basis.

The primary goals of this student group are twofold. First and foremost, we hope to offer a lasting educational experience for University of Montana students.  We believe experience abroad, especially in an aid and service capacity, has the potential to enhance a classroom education and promote social awareness among students.  In addition to this international educational experience, we will offer pre-travel educational opportunities here on campus, including medical training and social, historical, and political perspectives regarding Nepal.

The funding required to make the sixth annual Global Grizzlies project trip a success is quite substantial.  We are diligently seeking support from esteemed community and friends. 

Students traveling this year include; Laura Bricklin, Zac Bruer, Kristen Hoon, Taylor King, Christian McCurdy, Tessa Paulson, Chris Rice, Maddie Small, Lauren Stauffer, and Hannah Syrenne.

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