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Removing The Homeless From The Streets - Providing Shelter/Meals/Help 
We Serve Not By Judgment, But By Love
We are asking for your support. You can donate on our website at:, using our PayPal secure site. You can little as $5.00 or more on our website. Your donation will be a great effort towards the fight against hunger and providing shelter to the homeless. 
You may also make a donation at Causes:
Our goal is to ensure we get the homeless the help they need to meet their immediate needs and help them migrate back into society. And for those suffering from mental illness, Sweet Serenity is committed to addressing the issue) or if one is in need of job skills SSI will provide training, Sweet Serenity, SSI will not just talking about the problem, but will deal with the problem of homelessness head on.
We also provide free information and resources on our website (free or low cost services).
Please invite your Facebook and; Twitter Friends, Family, and Co-workers. Forward an email or our contact information to five people to help us spread the word.
You may also indicate how you would like your funds to be used when making your donation, (please visit our website for details). All donations are tax deductible. We can do this together!
A heartfelt thank you for your support.
Sweet Serenity (SSI), Inc.

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