Sign the Petition to Board of County Commissioners for Okeechobee County & Okeechobee City Council

The petitioners request that Highway 441 in Okeechobee County have Skip Bryant Memorial Highway added as a name in honor of Deputy Sheriff G.E. "Skip" Bryant's ultimate sacrifice.


Jon Folbrecht

Deputy Sheriff Glover "Skip" E. Bryant, III died in a plane crash on November 8, 1991 while performing a search and rescue mission on Lake Okeechobee. Deputy Bryant is the only law enforcement officer to have been killed in the line of duty in Okeechobee County, to this date. Deputy Bryant is remembered by many in Okeechobee. Renaming HWY 441 in Okeechobee County will be a great honor to his memory and a constant reminder to all that visit Okeechobee County, the possible sacrifice our law enforcement professionals may face. Follow this petition on Facebook at


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