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Invite 10 friends to join Network of Professional Social Workers during Social Work Month 2013

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Dear Fellow Social Worker

HAPPY SOCIAL WORK MONTH 2013. March is your month, it's our month, its month of all Social Workers.

Theme for this year's  Social Work Month is "Weaving Threads of Resilience and Advocacy: The Power of Social Work."  

During this Social Work Month, requesting you to actively participate in our Social Work Month discussions and share activities you participate and host in your organization.

What does Social Work Month mean to you? How do you celebrate Social Work Month?

How do we advocate for our Social Work Profession and Social Workers?

What's your thought on this year's theme Resilience and Advocacy?  

We have a special request to  during beginning of this  Social Work Month, could you please copy of paste the following status update on your facebook, linkedin, twitter, google+  or any social media profile for atleast for 24 hours.


"Happy Social Work Month to all my fellow Social Workers. This year's theme, 'Weaving Threads of Resilience and Advocacy: The Power of Social Work'. I invite all Social Workers to join and network with fellow Social Workers across the globe by clicking this link "

Thank you for posting status message, please do request your Social Work colleagues also to post this status message.

During this Social Work Month, we have initiated very interesting sub groups of Network of Professional Social Workers in LinkedIn focusing Social Justice, Human Rights and Advocacy etc  Join our following NEW Networking Groups, invite your friends and let the conversation begin.


Social Workers for Social Justice

Progressive Social Workers for Progressive Social Change

RIGHTS WATCH- Network of Social Workers for Human Rights, Advocacy and Social Action.

How to promote Social Work Month? Links from Social Work Month tool kit page of NASW

If you haven't yet responded to our ROLLCALL, please do click this link below and say Hello to your fellow Social Workers during Social Work Month.

Thanking you for your continuous support and special shout out to our Network Managers and Moderators for their leadership and contributions.

Please do remember to update your status message in social media and invite your friends too. 

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