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"Honor Killings" and "Acid Throwing" are more than just terms used to describe when a man in Pakistan decides that his wife, his sister or his daughter has maculated the honor of the family.  They are heinous crimes and prolific in Pakistan, where "Honor Killings" and abuse of women and girls are everyday events.

Poor and uneducated women must struggle daily for basic rights, recognition, and respect. They live in a culture that defines them by the male figures in their lives, even though these women are often the breadwinners for their families.

A fundamentalist Patriarchal society sees no need to empower their female citizens, denying them equal civil and social rights; their justice system are failing the victims by letting the perpetrators "off the hook" with inconclusive  court-cases with no concrete help, allowing the victims to continue to be harassed and threatened and being the ones to be persecuted.

This flagrant violation of the basic human right to exist and live without fear must be publicly and forcefully confronted by the international community.

Humanity Healing International and its partner in Pakistan, Hope Development Organization, are standing up for the women and girls of Pakistan to wipe out the stain of "honor" killings. We are doing this through an Advocacy Against Honor Killings campaign in Pakistan to help empower women, through the building of the House of Hope Safe House for Women and girls, and through a petition drive to raise awareness.  

We need YOUR Voice!  Join us by signing this petition in the name of the International community, demanding a better life for these women and children.  We are picking International Women's Day to make this statement.  Share your Voice with these voiceless women!

Winning this campaign depends on our ability to call on thousands of supporters like you. After signing this petition, please share with your friends and follow us on Causes and Facebook for the latest updates.

Much Metta,

Christopher Buck
Humanity Healing International
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