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Please let us collect signatures to convince the Veterinary Office in Saarbrücken / Germany that Viscan needs to live

Let Viscan live!
My name is Susanna Pohto. I adopted Viscan from an animal welfare organization in Bulgaria, First, Viscan came to Finland with a flight sponsor then he had a several hours car drive ahead of himself. During the flight and the drive Viscan showed his showed his calm and patient side. The first days there weren't any problems, too. After a short time, I realized though that Viscan has a very strong personality. Every day, he puts the ranking to the test.
The castration was supposed to make him calmer but he still wanted to be the first in rank within the family. Going for a walk was a challenge for me. Viscan wanted to take the lead every time. With a lot of time and patience we slowly made progress. I even got help from friends with problematic dogs. In the end, I came to the conclusion that Viscan is better off with a professional dog trainer. It was a very hard decision for me because he was never malicious or aggressive. By now I know that this was one of my biggest mistakes.

End of January I contacted several German agents and asked them to look for a home for Viscan. A home that knows how to deal with difficult dogs and allows him a family life with love and patience. After a short while I received an answer that a new home for Viscan was found. I was told that he would supposedly go to a a dog trainer that had experience with dogs like Viscan. Unfortunately, after several enquiries I still didn't get any information about this dog trainer.

After that we organized a flight for Viscan to Germany. Originally, the German agents wanted me to accompany Viscan on his journey into a 'new life'. Unfortunately, for medical reasons I was not able to. Because the German agents didn't agree to accompany Viscan on his flight, he had stay with me for over a month. At this point, I still believe it would be better for him to get to this 'dog trainer' as soon as possible. After what felt like an eternity, we could finally find a flight sponsor and eventually we organized a flight and a transportation box for Viscan.
On February 26th, Viscan was finally supposed to fly into his 'new life', as it was promised to me.
On February 25th, Viscans flight sponsor came from Frankfurt to Oulu and met Viscan.
He showed the same behavior as he showed in all the time with me. Viscan approaches other people in a friendly manor. He lets them pet him for a while but also shows them when it's enough by snapping. Probably, people with dog experience would have been able to predict that. I had my difficulties with that. My last dog was the complete opposite of Viscan.
He reacted to the slightest word to the slightest gesture.

One day later I had to say goodbye to Viscan. The parting was terrible, but I was convinced that Viscan would live a happier life, with experienced people. Did I know what I know today, I would have never let him go. Viscans flight landed on time Tuesday late-afternoon in Frankfurt. A friend of mine arrived in Frankfurt at the same time and she enquired about his well-being. She saw Viscan immediately after he landed and she assured me that he was completely calm in his transportation box and that he was still relaxed after she sat down next to him. My friend spent about one hour with Viscan and his flight sponsor at the airport before she was picked up. During this time Viscan he never barked or was never conspicuous in any way.
For all further information I have to rely on statements of third parties that I don't know and I have no way of verifying. It is very hard for me to understand what happened at the airport in Frankfurt after 6pm because I never knew him that way.

I don't know why he wasn't picked up immediately after landing at 5pm. He had to wait several hours for his pickup. I was told that Viscan flipped out and he bit open his box in furious rage. Several men tried to curb him but they were not able to. Also the airport police stepped in and wanted to know what a dangerous dog like this was doing at the airport. I would like to emphasize that Viscan is neither aggressive nor dangerous. My only explanation for this is that he was terribly scared. Strange people, strange odors, hours of waiting, no food, locked into his box and no place to do his business.
As far as I know it was not before 9pm that they were able to bring him to the car.
The 'dog trainer' was looking for a rental car because she didn't want to transport him together with her kids. This night he had spent in the car in his bitten through box, too.
I'm less and less surprised that Viscan was so unsettled. Viscan is a dog from the streets.
He knows freedom. Even at my home he was never locked away. He was could always roam around. Until Viscan arrived at the Veterinarian, 24h passed. 24 hours in his half broken box.
At the Veterinarian, he was supposed to be sedated for an examination. Since this was not possible the veterinary office was contacted. After a few hours Viscan was sedated with a shot for big game and examined. Subsequently Viscan was brought to an animal shelter. The shelter was told not to converge to Viscan and not to remove him from the cage. Viscan got food and water and it was decided to wait if he calms down within the next days. The veterinary office will decide on Monday wether Viscan will stay alive or be killed. Please help me! Viscan is neither aggressive, nor dangerous! How many dogs would react like him in this situation? How many humans would feel afraid in his situation? I would take Viscan back immediately. Moreover I have found a foster home in Germany for him, which offers to host Viscan.

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Please stop euthanasation - Viscan needs a trainer - not the death - Lets give him a chance !! Please


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