Sign the Petition to People of Puerto Rico.

Avail the Recall process in Puerto Rico! The option to 'recall' government and public officials is not available in Puerto Rico. People are basically stuck for four years, or full term, to do away with anyone candidate who promises to do what is in the best interest of the island, and later does not deliver on/his or her promise... This is happens quite often... Candidates know the people are stuck with them for a full term.  This have been cause for people to have to participate in public protests that have  resulted in violence, undue incarcerations, and avoidable lawsuits against the government of Puerto Rico. It is dangerous for the People of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as the visitors that travel through the island of Puerto Rico wich it is a commonwealth of the United States, to have to be in or around a protest when a simple gathering of signatures would result in a bad leader be recalled. This will minimize the need have to participate in public protests, like Puerto Rican people constantly have to do  today. And in many instances with unsuccessful results...

This video shows a recent protest at the Luis Munoz Marin Airport. Towards the end of the video, you can see the police chasing the people away on horseback, and how the people were left no other choice but to  run towards the freeway... People on their way to the airport were delayed... Drivers, protesters, and by passers could have gotten hurt. All this could have been avoided, at least to minimal instances,if the 'recall process' had been implemented.

En este video  muestra una reciente protesta en el aeropuerto internacional Luis Muñoz Marín. Hacia el final del vídeo, se puede ver a la policía persiguiendo a la gente a caballo, y como  a las personas no le  quedó otra opción sino correr hacia la autopista... Esto ocasionó atrasos a las personas que se dirigían al aeropuerto. Las personas que viajaban rumbo al aeropuerto,  los manifestantes, y espectadores, pudieron haberse lastimados. Todo esto podría haberse evitado si se hubiera aplicado el 'proceso de revocación".

3-4-2013 Forty-third aniversary of a student who lost her life in the middle of a protest.!/photo.php?fbid=456666997736858&set=a.428804430523115.96063.417987728271452&type=1&theater


Sandra Feijoo Negrón

The people should sign this petition because it would bring forth a quality-control tool and an alternative mean to the citizens of  Puerto Rico other than public protests, to ensure government officials deliver on their promise to do what's in the best interest of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

 Se debe firmar esta petición porque llevaría adelante una herramienta de control de calidad y un medio alternativo a los ciudadanos de Puerto Rico que no sea de proceder por medio de protestas públicas, para asegurar que los funcionarios del gobierno cumplan con su promesa de hacer lo que este en pro de los intereses del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico


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