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"Our son, Matthew, now 30, has been diagnosed as bi-polar, with severe developmental delays.. he attends a Day Hab Program that continues to help him advance his speech, independence and socialization skills. These community based, structured OPWDD services programs have helped Matthew to flourish in our community, and is frankly the sole reason why we choose to remain in NYS." -Parents Dr. & Mrs. Marc Feldman

The OPWDD budget has already been cut by $350 million dollars in the past three years and additional cuts will force critical programs to close. These cuts will have widespread implications resulting in the loss of jobs and health services to the people in New York who need it most.


Ask for your legislators' help.  Ask them to contact their leadership to urge them to oppose the 6% cut to OPWDD community based services.  Tell them that the 6% cut is $120 million in State funding BUT because this is a cut to Medicaid, New York will lose an additional $120 million in Federal matching funds.  Therefore the cut to OPWDD community based services is $240 million. Ask them to speak up on behalf of people who have a developmental disability.  

Contact Governor Cuomo directly and let him know how these cuts will hurt our already vulnerable friends and family members with developmental disabilities.  A link to contact Gov. Cuomo follows:

Please sign the petition below and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Use the links below to send this out via Facebook, Twitter and email to get this urgent message out to as many supporters as possible within the next two weeks.  

Thank you for Your Support.


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