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US House of Representatives, US Senate, Office of the President of the United States

Our elected officials have done nothing (or too little) for far too long.  Republicans and Democrats are far too polarized to even consider actual negotiations and compromise. It is clear that these people are completely out of touch with their constituents and they don't seem to care about anything except posturing and pointing fingers.  They certainly don't seem to care about doing their jobs.  It is time to RECALL ALL of the members of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the President and the Vice President and START OVER. and elect people who understand that they are accountable to the citizenry that they are elected to represent.


Tom Lockhart

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We need to express our displeasure and dissatisfaction with our elected officials.  We need to send a message that the citizens of the United States have had enough.  We want representation, and we're not getting it.

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