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Stand with my family and declare I am not in the so called "Juggalo Gang". The world thinks that bec

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How this will help

Jugganation Ambassadors Charter


Our mission in this movement of Juggalo proportions is to restore honor to our family name. To show the world we fight the same evils as they do to support our family heroes that serve our country. To show that we do not want to cause havoc but to restore the honor of the word family the respect and loyalty they all think we have lost.

~ Cierra Faygo Hartmann, Juggalette


Our mission is to take our name back from the posers, the gangbangers, and the juggahoes. Our name has been tarnished by people who take lyrics literally, and miss the creative expression of thought, and those who think they can just say they're one of us and make our family the scapegoat for their actions.

This ends... right now.

This is a call, to all Juggalos and Juggalettes, who believe, accept, and pledge to stand by the following:

1. That we are a family;

2. That the lyrics and horseplay of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are for entertainment value and this family was started to bring people together and lift them up. We take the lyrics seriously but in a positive perspective and that's what they are trying to get across. Also the vibes that come from the music delivers a power that you can feel if you are a true Ninja, whoop whoop! They have saved several of our fam's lives several times just because they was bumpin their **** you know what I'm saying? ~ The Juggalo With The NiGHTS Flow and Leslie Zito, Juggalette

3. That everyone is equal, and we will fight for the equal rights of all, to include all those in our family, regardless of any of the following;

3A: Race
3B: Color
3C: Ethnic Origin
3D: National Origin
3E: Creed
3F: Religion
3G: Political Belief
3H: Gender
3I: Sexual Orientation
3J: Martial Status
3K: Age
3L: Disability
3M: Medicinal Drug Use

Pray to God? Good. Pray to the Goddess? Great!
Pray to the Sun? Good. Pray to the Moon? Great!
Talk to yourself? Even better!

4. These we do not accept:

We do not accept people that abuse in any way. We do not accept any sort of evil, whether it is killing, raping, hurting or abusing any human being, in fact, it has been made clear we do not accept you, you are not our family, and we do not condone your actions. These include, but are not limited to:

pedophiles, rapists, abusers, racists, bigots, wife-beaters, bullies, gang members and cowards.

And no, you will not get letters next to your evils, nor will you even get capitalization.

5. Those within our family may or not be affiliated with Anonymous, but if they are, to those listed above under paragraph 4, you are being watched. We don't
know if we have them because they are Anonymous. So it doesn't matter.

6. We seek to do good. We believe in helping others, and all having the freedom to choose what they want out of this life and the next. We do not preach any
particular gospel, we simply live it. We will also hold meetings for those who are new in our family, to show them what we believe in and care about so there will not be any more confusion.

7. We have been defined in the past by the actions of those who say they are of us, but let this show that they are not. We are taking our name back! Many of us have children, and going forward, this is for their betterment. We are going to leave this planet in better shape than we found it in. We stand united!


Whoop! Whoop! MMFWCL4L!!!!

Mad Mother F***ing Wicked Clown Love 4 Life!!!!

~ The Juggalo With The NiGHTS Flow, Cierra Faygo Hartmann, Leslie Zito


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