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Since congress has thus far refused to stand up to President Obama and block his treasonous domestic and foreign policies, I propose that we grant President Obama the right to abolish congress.  If we allow the cancer full right of passage, the Ouroboros will consume itself, thus leaving us free to take the government back into our own hands.  It seems that the vast majority of our congressmen refuse to fulfill their sworn oath to support the Constitution of the United States.  Since congress has refused this oath time and again and the GOP has considered granting President Obama full discretion on budgetary cuts, I feel that we should simply cut out the middle man.  We can start slashing by cutting our congressional budget.


Derek Wolery

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The budget could be more easily balanced if the dead weight of Congress were cut. You wouldn't pay a judge to incarcerate you and take away your rights.  Why would you pay congress to do the same?

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