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This is for everyone but I would love it for the government to understand this. The people. The government. The countries. The nations. Everyone around the world think money can solve all our problems. U may need money but it can't make you happy. Ever.

Please let everyone know this. Our world used to be almost free but pretty soon everything's going to be too expensive and our world will fall apart. I'm not trying to tell you people to stop using money because you CAN'T. I'm telling the people who sell things everyone who sells anything, YOU NEED TO LOWER THE COST. When I was 6 I came up with the Idea that (since gas prices kept going up and they still are) if one gas station would lower its prices to like $1.20 a galleon everyone in that area would go there, which would make the other gas stations bring down their cost so they don't loose business. Then it go on and on until everyone did that. And since so many people would want to by gas and probably extra just in case prices went back up, those gas stations would still make a profit.


JC Cronin

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So that our world won't turn into a ticking pop machine. For their is a limit of change it can give out for extra money and once it's all gone all that's left is the bom. And then... BOOM!!!!

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