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Dear Contries’ Leaders,

We are people that are trying to change the course of the events in Syria. I, Rana Gosani and many others that have signed this petition are Syrians themselves. We want to ask You to reconsider the policy of the Syrian War and stop calling the terrorists, that are killing thousand of innocent people in Syria, rebels, as they have nothing to do with what the Syrian people want and they are not hiding anymore but claiming out loud of building a new Shariat country in the Middle East. The consequences of a such act are quite predictable.

Also We would like to ask You to condemn the terrorist attack on 22 of February 2013 in the square Imam in Damascus, as it took lives of many innocent people, and children were among them.

Dear Presidents, Chancellor, Kings,

You are the ONES are to maintain the piece in your Countries and in the World, You are the decision makers, and we rely on YOU. Please, let Syrian people solve their own problem, please help Syrian people to get rid of the “catalysts" of so called revolution in Syria and let them have the right of voting and choosing their own president.

I hope this letter will make your hearts answer to the Syrian scared heartbeat.


Rana Gosani

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PLease Help to stop the bloodsheding in Syria.


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