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We, the undersigned believe that the Massachusetts Legislature should take swift action on enacting a statewide policy in Massachusetts regarding sexual abuse committed by students onto other students by mandating expulsion for such. This would include, but, not be limited to rape, sexual assault, indecent assault and other forms of sexual abuse. This policy would also allow for the board of directors of a school's alumni association to take action on a sexual abuse case that comes to surface years later. Under the legislation, there would be a mandated 10 day suspension for any kind of violence that occurs in conjunction with any bullying or hazing. In the case of boarding schools, which are also know n as live-in schools would have to follow certain protocols as to who could work as houseparents or head houseparents, or houseparents who are next in seniority. Protocols would also be in place to deal with the instruction of first aid, rescue training, and sexual education via use of either a manikin doll or a paper doll that replicates the human body. Protocols would also be in place as to how the matter of reproductive surgery would be handled on a child of puberty age. This entails a three week medical leave, where the parent and the child sees their physician who must show the child the part that is being operated on via the use of a manikin or paper doll that replicates the human body. That's where the child would be allowed to do their, "exploring." The child and parent would have to see both a psychiatrist and a psychologist who has no affiliation with a grade school to evaluate the child as to whether or not they fully understand what is happening and to evaluate for any arousal of inappropriate sexual misconduct. The same evaluation would be performed once again, post op to make sure the child understands what had happened to them in the O.R. Upon the student's return from such medical leave, an Individualized Behavioral Modification Educational Plan would be made and put into effect, which would include stringent supervision and in the case of a boarding school, the student could not room with any other student for the remainder of the academic year, and must either be roomed with thoroughly CORIED and SORIED staff members in all states to make sure they have not been arrested and convicted for any crimes against children. If the school cannot provide this supervision, then the school must allow for the child's parent or guardian to do the supervision, and that the school can only collect 20% of the charges of tuition for the parent or guardian's boarding charges from the town where the child lives and that such 20% charge is prorated to the portion of the academic year left, after return from medical leave.

This piece of legislation also puts into effect protocols as to who can and cannot teach sexual education, or rescue or first aid training and also who can and cannot run any student volunteered first aid or rescue clubs that are deemed extra-curricular activity. The school must also provide to parents all extra-curricular activities that are being offered each term followed by the job titles of who is running them.

The law if passed would allow a family of a child to go along with law enforcement to get a warrant to install video surveillance in a student's bedroom upon probable cause of a crime being committed. Example, continuous sexual abuse, rape, violent attacks. This legislation would also establish harsh penalties for not reporting sexual abuse, violence, or suicide crises.

Too many times schools seem to take the hush, hush attitude when incidents of rape, hazing, or violence in connection with any bullying or hazing is brought to their attention. For example, this kind of attitude was taken at a prominent prep boarding school when a student who attended such school was molested by other students during his first year of attendance. The school officials did not take his allegations seriously so he got up in an assembly and announced what had happened. The school kept giving him the run-around and when he returned from his vacation following the incident, he, much to his dismay found out that the alleged molesters were still there. He ended up leaving the school, finished high school in a public school and went onto Brown University. His parents called the district attorney where the school was and had them investigate only to find out that the school had not followed proper reporting requirements. An episode of this incident was aired on ABC's 20/20. The father of the victim had said that this had probably happened before to other students at that school before him.

I was a victim of it at a boarding school three times myself. Only I did not come to surface with it until way after I graduated and asked someone to represent me in bringing my case before the school's alumni association to have the lone sex offender who is still a member of the school's alumni association removed. He said "if I went mental," he would give it a shot seeing as though it had happened a long time ago and that such proceeding could be very embarrassing. I had covered this issue with an anti-retaliation clause, criminalizing that kind of retaliation and had also set protocols that cases of sexual abuse have sequestered expulsion hearings and that in the case of those who come up years later, those cases brought before the board of directors of a school's alumni association would also have a sequestered hearing. I was also bullied by another student known to have psychiatric problems my whole 7'th grade year. He would push me up against walls in another unmonitored place and also when it was happening during classes, the teachers and the school principal would chalk it off as being "provoked." It stopped when my mother came to a parent event at the school and happened to see the student coming out of a room and attempting to grab me on a staircase. Then I was hazed at a prominent IV league boarding college that was a catholic college in nature, while residing in handicapped accessible housing at the recommendation of the school. The students not only engaged in hazing, but, they also trashed the place causing it to be of squalor living conditions. No wonder why your tuition is going up. The best jobs to be had out there are maintenance people on a college campus and owning a liquor store across the street from a college campus.

Too many times, these kinds of things seem to be overlooked and the schools seem to take a hush, hush attitude towards dealing with negative behavior. This serves as a reward for students who engage in these negative behaviors and making them assume the consequences at their age level. One is supposed to go to college to learn and learn also how to grow up. Not haze or cause damage to the premises. Would you let your own son or daughter do that in your own house.

As to sexual abuse and violence. Students who engage in these kinds of behavior also need to understand the severity of what they are engaging in and gotten into treatment for any sexual problems or psychiatric problems they have.Hush, Hush does not solve the problem. It only adds to the problem.

Thus, I am asking your signature to this petition and to help out in this worthy cause by calling the state house of Massachusetts at 617-722-2000 and those who have been victims of this kind of carnage and those who currently are. do not be afraid to go forward and tell your story to the appropriate people and if they will not act, again, sign the petition and call the state house at 617-722-2000 and ask to speak to your state senator and state representative. Together we can make change. Divided, we fall. Let's stand together and make our schools a safe haven for learning and not one for violence, hazing, bullying, sexual abuse and wrecking property.


Brian Coppola

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People should sign this petition to send a message to the Massachusetts legislature that violence does not belong in our schools and that school is a place for learning. The other behavior only...

People should sign this petition to send a message to the Massachusetts legislature that violence does not belong in our schools and that school is a place for learning. The other behavior only distracts from the learning environment.

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