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No Dredging @ JAMES Price Point,,,,,,The West Australian Government & Woodside Energy Ltd propose to build the second largest gas plant and oil and gas processing and supply bases in the world, in the world's largest whale migration corridor, off Western Australia's Kimberley coast. James Price Point is one of the largest nursery grounds found anywhere in the world. Many species of megafauna call the Kimberley coast home, which is under threat; construction of 7 kilometre breakwalls and shipping channels require dredging of an estimated 21 million cubic metres of ocean floor (the true figure will be around 36 million cubic metres), resulting in a death zone of more than 50 kilometres around this area. The Kimberley coastal environment should be regarded as an eco region of global significance. It is the only home of thousands of rare marine and terrestrial creatures. Recent discoveries of hybrid dolphins and turtles have been ignored. Greater bilby colonies that couldnt be found. Whale number counts incorrect. Bird surveys conducted by helicopter. Environmental reports and assessments that are fundamentally flawed and created to mislead the public.At no time has woodside energy Ltd allowed reviews of its statistics by outside review groups,At no time has Woodside had to produce scientific models to show scale of damage to coastal enviroment and its impacts on the inhabitants within this enviroment.I would like australians and all people of the globe to sign this petition to stop dredging at James Price Point.65million year old dinosaur prints extending from shore into the sea will be taken and used in breakwater and shipping channel construction. Australians want the entire Kimberley protected from dredging and industrialisation  as Prime Minister you must act now for future generations before it is to late Please sign


Craig Doudle & Damien Hirsch

only the voices of individuals who stand united and not divided can make change..if alternatives exist to extract resources that are less likely to destroy habbitat and enviroment they should be pursued..its our constitutional right..its morally correct..the kimberly should be recognised as a global eco region its whales & nursery grounds protected...please sign if you agree


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